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캐나다 구인구직

사스카츄완 | Food Counter Attendant

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작성자 Wendy's 이름으로 검색 작성일14-09-20 20:03 조회5,118회 댓글0건


(Yorkton, Saskatchewan) Food Counter Attendant

Wendy's Restaurant

Yorkton, Sasaktchewan

Salary: $11.25/hour

Job Type: Full/Part Time

Language: English

Education: Completed at least some secondary school

Experience: No Experience

Apply By: 30-Sep-2014


Food Counter Attendants perform the following duties:

- Take customer's orders and serve customer's at food counter.

- Receive payment for food items purchased

- Portion, assemble and wrap food or place it directly in containers for service to
patrons, and package take out food.

- Use deep fryer, grill, oven dispensers and other equipment to prepare fast food
items such as sandwiches, hamburgers, fries, salads, milkshakes, and other

- Use equipment to prepare hot beverages such as coffee and tea specialties.

- Stock refrigerators, freezers and shelves.

- Replenish condiments and other supplies in serving areas.

- Wash, peel, slice and prepare foodstuffs including vegetables and fruit.

- Remove trash and clean kitchen and dining room garbage containers.

- Wash work tables, cupboards and appliances.

Successful applicants need to have a good attitude and work ethic. Friendly and
Dependable. Be prepared to learn "the Wendy's Way". On-line, group and personal
training is provided.

Skills and Abilities:

Dishwashing Skills

- Sanitize and wash dishes and other items by hand

- Scour pots and pans

Work Setting

- Fast food

- Restaurant

Transportation/Travel Information

- Public transportation is available

Weight Handling

- Up to 13.5 kg (30 lbs)

Essential Skills

- Significant use of memory

- Continuous learning

- Computer use

- Finding information

- Critical thinking

- Decision making

- Problem solving

- Working with others

- Oral communication

- Writing

- Numeracy

- Document use

- Reading text

Bussing Skills

- Clear and clean tables, trays and chairs

- Replenish condiments and other supplies at tables and serving areas

Counter Attendant and Food Preparer Skills

- Prepare, heat and finish simple food items

- Package take-out food

- Portion and wrap foods

- Serve customers at counters or buffet tables

- Stock refrigerators and salad bars

- Take customers' orders

- Use manual and electrical appliances to clean, peel, slice and trim foodstuffs

Kitchen Helping Skills

- Sweep and mop floors

- Clean and sanitize kitchen including work surfaces, cupboards, storage areas,
appliances and equipment

- Handle and store cleaning products

- Receive, unpack and store supplies in refrigerators, freezers, cupboards and other
storage areas

- Remove kitchen garbage and trash

- Wash, peel and cut vegetables and fruit

Type of Equipment

- Cash register

- Deep fryer

- Grill

Credentials (certificates, licences, memberships, courses, etc.)

- Not required

How to Apply:

Fax: (780)532-9980


In Person: Submit resume at store location: 160 Broadway St., East Yorkton SK, S3N

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