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캐나다 이민/비자 뉴스

Express Entry | April 19, 2017 점수 발표

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작성자 캐나다이민 쪽지보내기 메일보내기 자기소개 아이디로 검색 전체게시물 작성일17-04-21 09:46 조회7,105회 댓글0건


점점 점수가 내려 가고 있네요 이번 발표 점수는 415점 입니다.



Results: Rounds of invitations

Ministerial Instructions respecting invitations to apply for permanent residence under the Express Entry system – April 19, 2017

No program specified

See full text of Ministerial Instruction

Number of invitations issuedCRS score of lowest-ranked candidate invited
3,665Footnote*415 points

See previous rounds 

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